Academic Departs of the VA Dream Team Academy

The VA Dream Team Academy has many different departments of academics from Business Management to Analytics and Statistics. These are all important to running a successful business. Each Department features different staff who are experts in that area and teach specific classes in the department. We welcome you to check each staff member and the classes they offer here at the VADT Academy as well as check out each staff member's business. 

Check out the departments that we have here at the academy and what is offered. We are sure to have courses that meet your needs in each area. 

Business Management

Our Business Management Department takes care of the courses on Client Relationship Managment, Project Management, Invoicing and Payment Systems, Business Organization Systems and so on. Basically anything that has to do with managing your business on the day to day routine will be covered under our Business Management department. 

Analytics & Statistics

Our Analytics & Statistics department covers the numbers behind your business. We go over Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Instagram Analytics, Twitter Analytics, and whole lot more analytics and statistics that are important to your business. These are important numbers to watch they tell you when to post, when to send emails, what to post, who to target and so on. Those teaching in our Analytics & Stats department are pros and experts in this department, they've studied and tested and retested theories and figured out what works. Check them out and check out the department for more information. 

It's a Social World- Social Media

Our Social Media Department covers all things in the social world. Those heading up our social media department have researched what works, what does not, they know the ins and outs of how things works. This department covers things from Facebook Ads to What Scheduler system is best to use and so on. Check out those in our Social media Department and see how they can help you!

Marketing & Sales

Our Marketing and Sales Department addresses the need that every business needs and that is to make money! The experts in this department have tested what works in marketing and sales and know how to present clients with solutions to pain points in a way that helps them to truly see their needs. This allows you to make bigger profits in your business. Check out the Marketing and Sales Department and the Staff and see how this department can help you in your business.